Where hospitality and expertise meet

Metriqe Solutions specializes in Financial, Administrative, and IT services for the Hospitality Industry. Our experience, coupled with our technology infrastructure and offshore base, help us deliver superior services to our clients. The reason for our success is having employees who know they are valued, respected and rewarded for their contributions.

As an organization dedicated to teamwork and collaboration, we have cultivated a work environment that promotes ingenuity, growth, and excellence. By bringing your talent and passion to Metriqe, you can build an extraordinary career and play a key role in consulting and outsourcing solutions that transform organizations.

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Metriqians Speak

"I have been with Metriqe Solutions for more than 5 years. I joined here on May 2008 as process associate and my current designation is Director-Business Development. During this journey from process associate to Director, I have seen tremendous growth in the company and my capabilities. I have been given responsibilities that may be no other organization would give, but out here the business gives you higher responsibilities and has trust that you will complete it. A High level interaction with the top management not only related to the process, but also so many other things which help me to enhance my knowledge, not only with accounting but also gauge me to learn about business ethics. Metriqe not only offers development to its employees, but shows appreciation towards them. In short I would say I am proud to be with Metriqe because it provides incredible learning experience and higher career growth."
- Yazeer Arabath

"This is the place where hard work is recognised and more opportunities are open for the deserved candidates. I always enjoyed working with Metriqe Solutions."
- Preetha Tom

"I am proud to be at Metriqe because.... I am part of a growing company. I am part of a Team that is led by a visionary. I am a member of a Team that is hard-working. I am involved with process that are evolving into exciting projects. I am encouraged every day to develop innovative ideas by the management. I am a speck in the foundation of a company that is built on truth and integrity. I am part of a company that has a promising future."
- Ranjitha Arul

"There's a real culture of success at Metriqe Solutions that makes working here incredibly engaging. Metriqe has given me a golden opportunity to realize my dreams and given me the vision to build a career. The flexibility and support from the management is always motivating, which has driven me to excel in whatever I do and a strong sense of responsibility to be a part of, and enhance the global image of Metriqe Solutions."
- Kanchan Bala Gupta

"I am proud and interested to work with Metriqe and to prove this I can put down so many reasons behind this. The most noticeable reason is that the dedication is recognized and rewarded on monthly & yearly basis, friendly work atmosphere, employee benefits factor, etc... More importantly, training courses that are provided here are really inspiring and provides great opportunity to climb the ladder within Metriqe Solutions which always excites me."
- M. Kalyan

"Metriqe is a Good company to work for. I have learnt so many things in the area of finance and accounts. Scope in finance and accounts is limited in other companies wherein we would be allowed one or may be 2 areas but here in Metriqe the scope is unlimited to learn new things."
- M. Ramanaiah

"I am very proud to be part of such a respected and successful company as Metriqe solutions. It is the type of company I aspired to work for throughout my education-designing world class services with great people in a great work environment. The available support and training allows employees to interact, while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to enhance their individual roles."
- Karthik Madaswamy

"Metriqe Solutions is a unique high level accounting & revenue management services in Finance BPO/KPO. Here the real value in career for a candidate/or an employee can gain ample of experience in core accounting with a mind blowing quality of work & knowledge explore. What excites me about this company is that it provides bonuses, benefits, and holds company events to reward its employees. In the global marketplace of tomorrow, the successful company will be known for the quality of the employee with the purpose of life is a life of purpose."
- Mohammed Fazil